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local in the know

The land around the falls are privately owned, and the route down to the falls is also private. Recreation is not managed and the impacts have prompted a closure of the area. You may be towed or cited. Save yourself the hassle and choose another destination.

Uncle Leo

Hi Jeremy, good question. As for hike, sure no problem. As for the falls themselves I would not recommend it. The water is still moving very fast and cold. As we all know this year we've received a lot of snow. Due to this extra water many of the places we normally go to we've decided to wait until mid to late August to visit our favorite spots. My children are very strong swimmers but I've had to put off some of our "normal" swim spots until later this season. There is a spot we used to frequent often 10-15 miles out of Nevada City. Take Hwy80 east to Hwy49 north towards Grass Valley. When you pass Nevada City you will see that Hwy 49 will go off to your left and Hwy 20 continues on the road you've been on. Go left towards Downieville on Hwy 49. Follow the road for a while you will come to the big South Yuba Bridge. There are hiking spots and swim holes here but the water is very dangerous right now. Go past this spot and I think the next bridge you go over(less than 5 miles)if you look down to your right you will see the spot. There is parking immediately on your right down a little road. Parking can be very limited. The water tends to run a tad slower and there's a little stream that flows into the river as well. Oh, there's even a rope swing in very slow moving water.
Hope this helps.

Jeremy Altman

Hi love the posts. Question. Would university falls be ok for an adventurous 4 year old. Or is it too intense.

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